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Rape is serious. by MartianMeerkat Rape is serious. by MartianMeerkat
I've been meaning to make this stamp for a long while.

This was partially inspired when I was talking to a group of friends and somehow we got started on the topic of rape. One said that he'd "like to be raped." That's the freaking stupidest thing I've ever heard. After that, he said "I have some friends who were raped and they liked it." I was thinking, "WHAT THE HELL?!" No one likes/wants to be raped. No one. EVER.

I'm done with all this ignorance.
I'm done with all this stupity.
I'm done with all the "it's not rape if you yell 'SURPRISE'!"

I don't care if you're joking.
Rape isn't a humorous topic.

If you were a victim and cracking a joke makes light of the topic, that's completely fine. However, I'm absolutely sick of people throwing the word around like it's nothing and saying: "O00HHHh ! WIIiLL RAEP Jo00."
I'm pretty freaking sick of it.
So shut up.

I've gotten a lot of comments about how this stamp is "narrow-minded" because it doesn't apply to "rape fantasies" and other things along those lines. First of all, I find it appalling that anyone can actually justify that rape is ever sexually appealing. And by that I mean actual rape, not some sort of roleplaying thing. You see, the difference between rape and roleplaying is that when people engage in some sort of roleplay, it is consensual. That is key. If you get turned on by the thought of a consensual "rape" (which sounds like an oxymoron), fine. But I doubt you'd be turned on by thought of a stranger or even someone you know who would force you into such an act without your permission.

Some don't understand the severity of it all, probably because it hasn't ever happened to them. And let me tell you, if it does, you won't be laughing.

So why don't you stop joking about it before you make more of an idiot out of yourself.

Please feel free to use -- comments are appreciated. You can thank one final ignoramus for comments being disabled. This person said: "rape is just sex. and sex is awesome. so i think rape is awsome!"


EDIT: I just updated the appearance a little. (:
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March 25, 2009
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